Happy Leap Day! An extra day in February only comes around once every 4 years. Today’s Monday Morning Reminder is to Take Charge of Your (Extra) Day


I’m working at my full-time job today, but I am going to wiggle out a little bit of time for myself. Maybe a face mask or an extra long shower without the kids interrupting. Today is also extra time to cuddle with my kids, to tell them “I love you,” and maybe read an extra story at bed time. 

What are your plans for today?


P.S. For those with birthdays today, it’s an extra special chance to celebrate YOU. Have a wonderful birthday!




Hi, I'm Meghan, party lover and designer for Elva M Design Studio. I'm a Mom of two and throwing parties is my love language. I love sharing party ideas to help other busy Moms throw a Pinterest-worthy party without all the hassle or wasted dollars. Follow along for party ideas and free printables.

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