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Today is the first day of Spring! We got a little snow yesterday afternoon – and they said Winter was over – but thankfully it melted right away. Spring is probably my second to last favorite season because it’s usually rainy, muddy, and just a mess outside.
But there’s something refreshing about Spring, too. It’s a new beginning each year after a cold and long Winter (though I have to say this year was pretty mild. Global warming?) Spring is a chance to shake off being cooped up indoors and get outside. Soon flowers and new growth will start to peek through the ground, and the trees will be buzzing with birds. Please just don’t wake me up, ok? 
With Spring comes Easter – it’s only a week away. I’m already starting to think of the yummy food we’ll share as a family. I’ve started planning my table setting for Easter Brunch; I have a thing for table decorations and settings.

Free Easter PlaceCard (or Food Tents)

Free Easter Food Tent Card
This year I created the cutest little Place Cards to assign seats! I’m giving you part of the set FREE!

Download the Easter Place Cards 

If you want more, the full set can be purchased in my Etsy shop
  • Open and edit in Adobe Reader  to add in your text.
    • Add a Text Box within “Tools”.
    • Choose your font and text size.
    • Add your text.
  • You can also just print and handwrite your information in.
  • Then print on card stock, cut, and fold. 

If you use these at your table, I would love to see! Tag with #elvamdesignstudio on Facebook or Instagram. 


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