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free minecraft valentine's day card

This year we have been all about Minecraft. We threw a Minecraft 6th birthday party and hosted a Minecraft Trunk or Treat.

I now know almost all there is about the game! Ok, not even close but it has been fun to learn about the game as a way to connect with my son.

When Valentine’s Day rolled around it was a pretty simple decision to create a Minecraft Valentine. 

Minecraft Valentine’s Day Card with Pickaxe Pencil

Free Printable Minecraft Valentine's Day Card

We headed over to Oriental Trading to see what they had to add a little goody to our cards and found these pickaxe pencils, which were perfect. 

There are so many fun non-candy gifts to include for Valentine’s Day but it’s even better when something is useful and won’t necessarily be tossed after the holiday.

It’s very simple to put these cards together.  

Tools you’ll need

Assembly Steps:

  1. Print and cut out all of your cards.
  2. There is space at the bottom for your little Minecrafter to write their name under the XOXO.
  3. Make a small slit above the little white box using an Xacto knife for a cleaner cut.
  4. Slide the pencil into the slit and tape the pencil to the backside of the card. 


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