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I love a series and this one seems like a good one. Each Monday morning I’ll be posting a reminder to get us through the week.

As parents, as workers, heck as humans, it’s easy to get caught up in life and just forget. Sometimes we do need to stop and smell the roses or have gentle (or not so gentle) reminders.

The reminder for this first week is to slow down and proofread.

Yesterday, in my hustle and bustle of getting food on the table and party decor up for the Superbowl, I wrote out one of my food labels with a spelling error, “pigs in a blanet.” Oops! 

superbowl decor with spelling error

Mistakes happen and they only make us better. That is, if we learn from them.

Making the same mistake over and over is no dice. But if you make a mistake and reflect on how it happened and what you can do to mitigate the risk of it happening again, that’s progress. 

So this week I’m going to slow down, have more patience and take more care.

It’s a good reminder for me for this week as I return to work on Tuesday after being off and speaking baby babble for the last 12 weeks. 

Don’t forget to slow down this week. Proofreading is important too. 

Take care,

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