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I love finding decor pieces that can be used party to party or year to year.

Reusing party decorations is a great option for a couple of reasons: money and space. I’m usually on a budget for party decorations and so I have to be somewhat thrifty with my selections.

My house is also somewhat small, I just don’t have the storage space I need to hold all sorts of decoration pieces and items used to style a party. (I’ve since moved and have WAY more storage but I’m pretty sure my husband doesn’t want these items taking over the entire house!)

To combat these limitations, I typically try to reuse party decorations or use similar colors so I can utilize the same supplies for multiple events.

Last year for New Year’s Eve, I used black, gold, and white. Guess what colors I chose for this year? You got it: black, gold, and white.

You might think, “Wow, it’s exactly the same. How boring!” Except it was a completely different feel to the party and I was able to use a couple of similar decoration pieces, including the centerpieces. 

Here’s NYE 2016:

New Years Eve Decorations

I used table cloths hung up as the backdrop, and then hung large glittery and gold numbers that I picked up from Target. This created an extremely inexpensive backdrop. 

Looking at that spread is making me hungry!

Here’s NYE 2017:

Noon Year's Eve Party Decorations

 I used paper fans as the big backdrop item, which I picked up from My Mind’s Eye. I think they make a very striking backdrop.

Many of the rest of the pieces I picked up at Target, including the bunting and the “Kiss me at midnight” banner. You can get that little Noon Year’s Eve party sign and sparkling juice label as a free download..

Check out how I was successful at reusing party decorations.

Here’s a side-by-side view of NYE 2016 and NYE 2017. What do you see in common? 

Using the same NYE Decoration

Hint: The centerpieces…

For NYE 2016, I wrapped them in some sparkly ribbon, but otherwise, they are exactly the same. Except the party vibe is totally different.

I created them using a large cylinder vase, and sticking in black and gold marbled pebbles (I’m not entirely sure what they are called exactly) and then stuck in the gold leaves I picked up on clearance at Michaels, and the little chalkboard stars.  

How do you like to reuse decoration items?

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