Spread holiday cheer with personalized Christmas wine labels!

Christmas is just around the corner and every year I worry about finding the perfect gift for people.

But honestly, sometimes it’s a simple gesture and a cute printable. People don’t need more stuff.

So instead of anxiously picking something that is going to end up in the trash or donation bin, bottle up some Christmas cheer instead.

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Christmas Wine Labels

I have been hard at work creating new fun printables for Christmas. One of my favorite items to design are wine labels.

I don’t know why but I love the simplicity of picking up a bottle of wine and slapping on a cute, personalized label.

Done and done.

Last year I created some fun labels to embrace the quarantine Christmas life we still may find ourselves in.

I also designed some labels that will live on beyond the pandemic.

Merry Christmask Wine Labels

Mask up and spread cheer with these “Merry Christmask” wine labels.

This set includes two designs and the best part is you can add some personalized text at the bottom for a truly special gift during these crazy times.

Shop Merry Christmask Wine Labels

Merry Covid Christmas

We have all lived through the great toilet paper shortage so why not celebrate what we prevailed through!

merry covid christmas wine label

Shop Merry COVID Christmas Wine Labels

Santa Christmas Wine Labels

If you don’t feel like highlighting the crazy years we’ve lived through then these labels are for you. In 4 funny versions, you can add a little humor to a front door drop-off, or hopefully a holiday party in the future!

The designs include these funny sayings!

  • “Dear Santa, Please bring more wine”
  • “He sees you when you’re drinking”
  • “Santa’s Little Helper”
  • “Forget milk and Cookies. Got Wine?”
Christmas Santa Wine Labels Set

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Which label set will you choose?

Apply Your Personalized Christmas Wine Label

You can print these labels on specialized label paper or grab some full-page sticker paper.

To apply, you don’t have to take the original label off in all circumstances.

In fact, I like to place the custom label on the back of the bottle so that the recipient can still see the original wine label.

The back label is much smaller and your personalized label will easily stick over it!

Who needs a little wine gift this year? I know there is someone on your list!

I hope you have a great Christmas season and can find some fun personalized gifts, including shopping small creatives, like myself! It really means a lot each and every time we see a new order come through. Can the same be said by big box stores?

Thanks so much for all of your support!

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