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Nautical New Year's Eve party

Ahoy there, revelers of the high seas! 

Prepare to embark on a maritime adventure like no other as we bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new with a Nautical New Year’s Eve celebration! 

Savor the taste of the ocean with succulent lobster rolls and platters of briny fresh oysters that will transport your taste buds to the seashore. 

As the clock strikes midnight, we’ll set sail into the New Year with a boatload of joy, laughter, and nautical charm. Anchors aweigh for a night of buoyant celebration and a sea of memories that will make waves well into the next chapter!

What you’ll love about this party:

  • AT-HOME CELEBRATION – Ideas so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to ring in the new year.
  • COASTAL COUNTDOWN – A fun nautical theme to bring your celebration up a notch.
  • FUN PRINTABLES – A set of festive nautical printables.
  • NAUTICAL PARTY FOOD – Match the menu to the party theme.

Throw a delectable nautical party

Since having kids I rarely venture out on New Year’s Eve.

Confession: I also don’t always make it to midnight!

But that’s not to say we don’t have fun at home. This Nautical New Year’s Eve was so easy to put together and a tasty way to ring in the New Year.

Home is my favorite party venue and the kitchen is often where we gather.

To create this nautical party setup, I cleared off the counters, shopped my home for stands and platters, created a few adorable printables, and went all in on a delicious party menu.

Cheers to a Nauti New Years!

Nautical New Year’s printables

Nautical NYE Printable Set

I took inspiration from a set of past nautical party printables that I created as the foundation for this set.

This printable set includes:

  • 8×10″ Sign
  • 4×6″ Signs (2 designs)
  • Banner (includes all numbers in two color options so you can use it for any year)
  • Straw Flags
  • Party Circles & Tags (2 designs in 2 different formats)

Shop the printables

Nautical Dinner Supplies

Maine Lobster Now: Maine Lobster Roll Kit for 6
URPARTY - Premium Brown Disposable Paper Food Serving Tray - 2.5 lb capacity - Heavy Duty - Large 50 pcs
50 Pack Blue Nautical Napkins for Let's Get Nauti Bachelorette Party Decorations, Gold Foil Anchor (5 x 5 In)
5 Pieces Let's Get Nauti Gold Glitter Banner Cruise Bachelorette Party Decorations Nautical Theme Party Supplies Blue Anchor Cruise Banner for Room Birthday Nautical Sailor Bachelorette Party Decor

Serve a tasty nautical New Year’s Eve menu

If you’re going to throw a nautical party then why not go all in on the party theme?

We had fresh oysters and lobster meat flown in from Island Creek Oysters.

There is nothing more delicious than fresh from the sea oysters and meaty lobster in a lobster roll.

We went light on the sides, opting for the focus to remain on the fresh seafood.

Cupcakes for dessert ended the night on a sweet note and, of course, there was a champagne toast – perhaps an hour before midnight, but who is watching the clock?

Set intentions over resolutions

Ringing in the new year means setting resolutions for many, but I don’t like to make too many big promises that may end up broken. To me, resolutions feel too absolute. I prefer to be more intentional instead.

Instead of resolutions, try these ways to be more intentional in the year ahead:

  • Try creating a vision for the year ahead. Reflect on your values, prioritize what matters most, and establish specific, achievable objectives.
  • Break these goals into smaller, manageable tasks, creating a roadmap for success. Regularly revisit and adjust your plan as needed.
  • Cultivate mindfulness and stay present in your pursuits, fostering a deeper connection with your aspirations.
  • Embrace flexibility, celebrate progress, and maintain a positive mindset, allowing intentionality to guide your journey throughout the year.

The world is your oyster. I couldn’t resist pairing this printable with a platter of fresh oysters.

Cheers to the New Year!

Shop the printables

Nautical New Year’s Eve

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