Free Harry Potter Hogwarts House Signs and Badges

Get to sorting and make your House selection with these free Harry Potter Hogwarts House Signs and Badges.

Welcome back to the wizarding world of Harry Potter! As we near International Harry Potter Day on May 2, I thought it was time to finally share the rest of the printables from the Harry Potter party I put together last year.

Previously, I shared a Hogwarts House tablescape and today I’m excited to share more printables for you to both sort your guests into their Houses and also complete your own tablescape.

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House Selection: Harry Potter Hogwarts House Signs and Badges

House selection is a big deal at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

As each of your guests arrives, sort them into the appropriate House, and have them wear a House badge for the duration of the party.

I love these badge lanyards for parties. I’ve used them as Pit Passes at a race car party and a Dig Pass for a dinosaur excavation activity.

Each of the four Hogwarts houses has its own unique set of traits that define its members.

Here’s a brief overview of what makes each house unique:

Gryffindor: Known for their bravery, courage, and daring, Gryffindors are the house of the heroic and the valiant. Members of this house are often willing to take risks and stand up for what’s right, even in the face of great danger.

Free Gryffindor House Badge

Hufflepuff: Loyal, patient, and hardworking, Hufflepuffs value fairness. They believe that everyone deserves a chance to succeed and are often the most compassionate and kind-hearted members of the Hogwarts community.

Free Hufflepuff House Badge

Ravenclaw: Famed for their intelligence, wit, and creativity, Ravenclaws are the scholars and thinkers of Hogwarts. They prize knowledge and wisdom above all else and are always eager to learn something new.

Free Ravenclaw House Badge

Slytherin: Ambitious and resourceful, Slytherins are always scheming. They are often willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, even if it means bending the rules a bit.

Free Slytherin House Badge

While these traits aren’t mutually exclusive to each house, overall, each House has a distinct personality and set of values that make it unique.

Which House do you belong in?

Set up your Sorting Station

Download Harry Potter Hogwarts House Signs and Badges

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Free Harry Potter Hogwarts House Signs and Badges

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