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Hogwart's House Harry Potter table with runners for each house colors.

Harry Potter may be reaching its 25th anniversary, but a new generation of Harry Potter fans continues to be born. My eight-year-old son is one of them!

For his 8th birthday, we opted for a Harry Potter Party and had so much fun deciding on what aspects of the books to include – there are so many ideas!

Read on for all the details and sources to recreate this Harry Potter party table.

What you’ll love about this Party:

  • Seats for every Hogwarts House – Choose your house and have a seat – one table for all!
  • Fancy Place settings – Dining that’s fit for the opulance of Hogwart’s Great Hall.
  • Harry Potter Party Supplies – Matching plates, cups, and napkins to coordinate with the party theme.

Harry Potter Party Table Ideas

Like our Harry Potter dessert table, we opted to highlight the four houses of Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.

While in the books, each house has its own feasting table, we certainly don’t have enough room for multiple tables at home! Using table runners in the four main house colors, we set zones for each house to have a section of the table.

There are no rivalries at this party – we are all friends and can enjoy the feast together!

Harry Potter party table

Starting with Dollar Store gold and silver plastic chargers, we layered on Harry Potter paper party plates and tucked in a matching napkin. The gold plastic cutlery in a vintage design brings a regal feel to the table.

Cupcakes, decorated for each Hogwarts house, are placed in special holders, which I spray-painted gold to make it feel like a rich accent.

Side view of the Harry Potter table representing each Hogwart's House

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Hogwarts House Table Setting

Each house is represented by a table runner in the house colors, a printable sign with the house emblem, and cupcakes in the House color palette.

Ravenclaw tablesetting
Hufflepuff table setting
Slytherin table setting

If you are short on space we highly recommend considering one feasting table for all of the Houses like we did.

Harry Potter Party Table Runners

Rihana Wedding 12 x 108 inch Satin Table Runner for Wedding Banquet Decoration_Royal Blue_1
Rihana Wedding 12 x 108 inch Satin Table Runner for Wedding Banquet Decoration_Green_1
Rihana Wedding 12 x 108 inch Satin Table Runner for Wedding Banquet Decoration_Burgundy_1
Rihana Wedding 12 x 108 inch Satin Table Runner for Wedding Banquet Decoration_Lemon Yellow_1

What’s your favorite detail of this Harry Potter party table?

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