Hostess gifts are a lovely way to thank someone for hosting an event. These wine tags make it so easy to celebrate a toast to the host.

hostess gift tag

The saying goes to never show up empty-handed! 

I prefer to bring a small token of appreciation when I go to someone’s home, whether it be a small dinner party to a housewarming party.

While the setting doesn’t always call for something, I just feel better when I can tangibly provide a thank you for the host.

Pre-pandemic life got in the way sometimes. But I will be the first to admit that a lot of the times it was due to procrastination and leaving things off to the last minute.

For example, a last-minute work deadline would squeeze any extra minutes from my schedule.

In these cases, I try to keep things as easy as possible! It can’t get any easier than a bottle of wine.

Now that’s not to say that I haven’t shown up empty-handed before. But I really try to avoid it and have gotten better about planning ahead.

Printable Hostess Gift Wine Tags

Today I’m excited to share a new free printable that can be used for any occasion. 

A toast to the host.

DIY hostess gift tags and wine

Adding this gift tag takes your wine to a whole new level. Simply print it out on white cardstock, or use Kraft, and you’ve got a pretty, yet simple, thank you gift.

If your host doesn’t drink alcohol then attach a fun tag to a nice bottle of sparkling water or lemonade! 

Virtual Shower Hostess Gift

And sometimes we’re not even talking about in-person events but virtual ones. These days there are so many virtual baby showers, bridal showers, and even bachelorette shenanigans.

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In this case, dropping off a token of appreciation for the coordinator of your event (if they are local) can go along way in saying thank you.

Adding this gift tag takes your wine to a whole new level. Simply print it out on white cardstock, or use Kraft, and you’ve got a pretty, yet simple, thank you gift.

Holly from Legally Crafty did just that when she gifted some wine to her friends who hosted a gorgeous Parisian themed baby shower.

I created a fun version that says Merci Beaucoup, alongside the Thank You version. You get both options in the download.

flowers and hostess gift wine tag
hostess gift wine tag

Download Your Free Printable Hostess Gift Tag Printable

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I really hope you enjoy these free hostess gift tags. Lately, it seems I always have an extra bottle of wine at home, so it’s pretty easy for me to pop a tag on and hand it off. In fact, I have some quarantine wine hangtags coming to the blog soon!


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