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14 Rosé Wine Cocktail recipes

There is nothing better than enjoying a refreshing cold drink on a hot Summer day and, if you’ve been around here before, you know that Rosé wine is one of my favorite Summer sips. In fact, I’d argue that every day is a Rosé Kind of Day

Drinking rosé never goes out of style. But sometimes you might want to punch it up a bit. I’ve rounded up 14 fun and refreshing frosés, sangrias, and cocktails that all have one ingredient in common: Rosé wine, of course!

Read on and try all the refreshing 14 Summer Rosé wine cocktails.

Rosé All Day: 14 Summer Sips With Rosé Wine

Say Yes Way, Rosé with these 14 refreshing Rosé wine concoctions you can enjoy all Summer long.

Frosé All Day

Recipes to enjoy on the really hot days of Summer.

Sangria All Summer

Add a little fruit and you've got yourself a meal too with these Rosé Sangria recipes. Only kidding!

Cocktails and (Rosé) Dreams

Easy now, these cocktails are easy to whip up with only a few ingredients and go down (maybe a little too) smooth.


There you have it! 14 delicious ways to enjoy Rosé this Summer. Let’s rosé all day with these Summer sips! I’d love to know which one was your favorite. 

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