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The Lumberjack birthday party theme is so much fun. We added Minnesota elements to this lumberjack first birthday party to add a unique touch and celebrate our home state. Read on for all the details.

Lumberjack 1st Birthday party

It’s hard to believe that my little guy turned one back in November. I’m a little late posting his party pics, but it’s been a bit of a whirlwind with my trip to Europe, and then Christmas.

As we creep up to New Years, I told myself I had to sit down and post some pictures. Here are details and images from the Minnesota Lumberjack Birthday Party.


I had a lot of fun coming up with his theme. At first I was thinking of doing a Caveman theme because we joke that he’s like Spot in The Good Dinosaur, but we just had a dinosaur 3rd birthday for my older son and so if felt too similar.

So then I considered Where the Wild Things Are because I already created a ton of party decor items available in my Etsy shop and it’s also a super cute theme. (Updated: oh hey, I did a WTWTA Baby Shower, check it out here).

Finally I settled on the Lumberjack theme. I realize that this theme is super popular right now, but there are so many fun ways to incorporate it, that no two parties are alike. 

Since we live in Minnesota, I thought it would be fun to incorporate the shape of the state, with trees, and of course some red buffalo check plaid. I started with the invite and went from there. 

Lumberjack First Birthday Party Invite

Lumberjack first birthday party invitation by Elva M Design Studio

Here’s another shot of the invite, including the photo on the back. We didn’t get his one year pictures done unfortunately, so I used a photo from his 6 month shoot. This invite is available for sale in my Etsy shop.

Lumberjack First Birthday Party Invite


Lumberjack Birthday Dessert Table

I knew that I wanted a really fun focal point for the dessert table so I decided to put the cake and cupcakes on our console table in the living room.

This is on a skinny wall between our front door and hallway, but it was the perfect spot for a large backdrop. 

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Lumberjack First Birthday Party Backdrop

Lumberjack Birthday Backdrop

I had the backdrop printed at Staples in the largest size available (another good option for printing is Vista Print; they have sales all the time. You can also try

When I picked it up and got it hung I cried happy tears. It seriously looked so amazing that I had it hanging in my home for weeks after the party. I couldn’t bear to take it down. 


For the design I did a huge state of Minnesota, which works really well being a vertical state, and put the buffalo check pattern inside.

Then I took the same trees and icon from the invite, and added the little sign right where Minneapolis is. 

Lumberjack Birthday Party Backdrop

Lumberjack First Birthday Party Cake + Cupcakes

I had his cake and smash cake baked at Target (SuperTarget’s here have bakeries) and they did a stellar job incorporating the theme.

I made the cute little topper using card stock and straws, and stuck in some plastic trees to give some height to the cake. 

Lumberjack first birthday cake

I picked up this cute little truck in the Target dollar spot. So perfect! This little tree was a great find to add to the decor. 

Lumberjack first birthday smash cake

Lumberjack party printable sign

I also love to serve cupcakes, because they are a great size for kids. I had Target whip some plain ones up with a little dollop of green and stuck in some more plastic trees. 

Lumberjack cupcakes with tree toppers

Lumberjack Birthday Brunch

We were planning to host a brunch party, something I haven’t really done before so I made a french toast bake the night before to keep things simple for the next morning.

We also picked up ribs from a local place — so yummy. Here’s the entire spread of food. 

Lumberjack party brunch buffet

As you can see we also had bacon, yogurt and granola, a donut tower, and a Bloody Mary bar for the adults.

Yogurt parfait bar with toppings served up in little bowls

Lumberjack donut tower and bloody mary bar

I picked up the mason jars from a bridal consignment store. This was a great option for low priced glasses, but you can get some from Dollar Tree or Amazon.

Mine had chalkboard labels on them, so I put out a chalkboard marker but the condensation wiped the names off quite a bit. I may have to figure that one out for future parties. 

I put those little flags together with Kikkerland Birch Straws and Washi tape from LemonyStitch. The washi is fabric washi and of great quality.

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I found those little wood trees also in the Target dollar spot and glued those to the washi. I love how they turned out! 

Lumberjack washi tape DIY straw flags

This wood cutlery was so much fun to use and display. I found a bulk set of them on Amazon so I have plenty for future parties. I also ordered some natural plates that I thought would fit the theme well.


I will say, that I should have ordered napkins ahead of time. I ended up waiting last minute and Target didn’t have any large plain red napkins and I was out of time so I made due, even though they don’t really match (covers hands with eyes). 

Channel the Flannel party sign with wood cutlery

Lumberjack Hot Cocoa Bar

We also did a hot chocolate bar with some adult offerings. Being November in Minnesota, this was the perfect way to snuggle up during a crisp Fall day.

lumberjack hot cocoa bar

I loved this Red Hurricane Lantern so much that I bought two. They were super affordable, so why not?  

Hot cocoa bar

Lumberjack whipped cream printable

lumberjack water bottle wraps

High Chair Banner

The little man enjoyed his smash cake. I decorated his high chair with a quick and easy paper banner. 

Lumberjack "One" printable high chair banner

The little lumberjack enjoying his smash cake

All in all, this party was a huge success. All of the party printables except for the backdrop were printed on a home printer using card stock.

You can throw a very put together cohesive party without being a pro and without spending a fortune.

If you are looking for more decoration ideas on a budget, be sure to check out this list of Lumberjack Amazon finds.  I also compiled a list of lumberjack party attire for the whole family. 

What was your favorite part of this lumberjack first birthday party? Drop a comment below.

Lumberjack first birthday party dessert table

Vendor Recap

Party Styling, Printables, Photography: Elva M Design Studio

Wood Utensils – Amazon

Natural Plates – Amazon

Birch Straws – Amazon

Evergreen Trees for Cake and Cupcakes – Amazon

Red Hurricane Lantern – Amazon

Small Pine Tree Decor – Amazon

Large Pine Tree Decor – Hobby Lobby

Cake, cupcakes, and smash cake – SuperTarget

Red Truck – Target

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