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Check out this Minnesota-themed Lumberjack 1st Birthday party from Elva M Design Studios. This post is full of ideas and inspiration.

The Lumberjack theme is so much fun. We added “Minnesota” to the theme to add a unique touch and celebrate our home state. Read on for all the details.

It’s hard to believe that my little guy turned one back in November. I’m a little late posting his party pics, but it’s been a bit of a whirlwind with my trip to Europe, and then Christmas. As we creep up to New Years, I told myself I had to sit down and post some pictures. Here are details and images from the Minnesota Lumberjack Birthday Party.


I had a lot of fun coming up with his theme. At first I was thinking of doing a Caveman theme because we joke that he’s like Spot in The Good Dinosaur, but we just had a dinosaur 3rd birthday for my older son and so if felt too similar.

So then I considered Where the Wild Things Are because I already created a ton of party decor items available in my Etsy shop and it’s also a super cute theme. (Updated: oh hey, I did a WTWTA Baby Shower, check it out here).

Finally I settled on the Lumberjack theme. I realize that this theme is super popular right now, but there are so many fun ways to incorporate it, that no two parties are alike. Since we live in Minnesota, I thought it would be fun to incorporate the shape of the state, with trees, and of course some red buffalo check plaid. I started with the invite and went from there. 

Lumberjack First Birthday Party Invite

Lumberjack first birthday party invitation by Elva M Design Studio

Here’s another shot of the invite, including the photo on the back. We didn’t get his one year pictures done unfortunately, so I used a photo from his 6 month shoot. This invite is available for sale in my Etsy shop.

Lumberjack First Birthday Party Invite by Elva M Design Studio


Lumberjack Birthday Dessert Table

I knew that I wanted a really fun focal point for the dessert table so I decided to put the cake and cupcakes on our console table in the living room. This is on a skinny wall between our front door and hallway, but it was the perfect spot for a large backdrop. 

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Lumberjack First Birthday Party Backdrop

Lumberjack Birthday Backdrop

I had the backdrop printed at Staples in the largest size available (another good option for printing is Vista Print; they have sales all the time. You can also try vivyxprinting.com).

When I picked it up and got it hung I cried happy tears. It seriously looked so amazing that I had it hanging in my home for weeks after the party. I couldn’t bear to take it down. 

For the design I did a huge state of Minnesota, which works really well being a vertical state, and put the buffalo check pattern inside. Then I took the same trees and icon from the invite, and added the little sign right where Minneapolis is. 

Lumberjack Birthday Party Backdrop and Styling by Elva M Design Studio

Lumberjack First Birthday Party Cake + Cupcakes

I had his cake and smash cake baked at Target (SuperTarget’s here have bakeries) and they did a stellar job incorporating the theme. I made the cute little topper using card stock and straws, and stuck in some plastic trees to give some height to the cake. 

Lumberjack 1st birthday party cake with topper

I picked up this cute little truck in the Target dollar spot. So perfect! This little tree was a great find to add to the decor. 

Lumberjack smash cake and decorations

Lumberjack party printable sign from Elva M Design Studio

I also love to serve cupcakes, because they are a great size for kids. I had Target whip some plain ones up with a little dollop of green and stuck in some more plastic trees. 

Lumberjack cupcakes with little tree toppers

Lumberjack Birthday Brunch

We were planning to host a brunch party, something I haven’t really done before so I made a french toast bake the night before to keep things simple for the next morning. We also picked up ribs from a local place — so yummy. Here’s the entire spread of food. 

Lumberjack party brunch buffet

As you can see we also had bacon, yogurt and granola, a donut tower, and a Bloody Mary bar for the adults.

Yogurt parfait bar with toppings served up in little bowls

Lumberjack donut tower and bloody mary bar

I picked up the mason jars from a bridal consignment store. This was a great option for low priced glasses, but you can get some from Dollar Tree or Amazon.

Mine had chalkboard labels on them, so I put out a chalkboard marker but the condensation wiped the names off quite a bit. I may have to figure that one out for future parties. 

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I put those little flags together with Kikkerland Birch Straws and Washi tape from LemonyStitch. The washi is fabric washi and of great quality. I found those little wood trees also in the Target dollar spot and glued those to the washi. I love how they turned out! 

Lumberjack washi tape DIY straw flags

This wood cutlery was so much fun to use and display. I found a bulk set of them on Amazon so I have plenty for future parties. I also ordered some natural plates that I thought would fit the theme well.

I will say, that I should have ordered napkins ahead of time. I ended up waiting last minute and Target didn’t have any large plain red napkins and I was out of time so I made due, even though they don’t really match (covers hands with eyes). 

Channel the Flannel party sign with wood cutlery

Lumberjack Hot Cocoa Bar

We also did a hot chocolate bar with some adult offerings. Being November in Minnesota, this was the perfect way to snuggle up during a crisp Fall day.

Warm up at this lumberjack hot cocoa bar

I loved this Red Hurricane Lantern so much that I bought two. They were super affordable, so why not?  

Hot cocoa bar decor with some adults only add-ons

Lumberjack whipped cream printables from Elva M Design Studio

lumberjack water bottle wraps from Elva M Design Studio

High Chair Banner

The little man enjoyed his smash cake. I decorated his high chair with a quick and easy paper banner. 

Lumberjack "One" printable high chair banner from Elva M Design Studio

The little lumberjack enjoying his smash cake

All in all, this party was a huge success. All of the party decorations except for the backdrop were printed on a home printer using card stock. You can do a very put together cohesive party without being a pro and without spending a fortune. 

What was your favorite part of this lumberjack first birthday party? Drop a comment below.

Lumberjack dessert table styled by Elva M Design Studio

Vendor Recap

Party Styling, Printables, Photography: Elva M Design Studio

Wood Utensils – Amazon

Natural Plates – Amazon

Birch Straws – Amazon

Evergreen Trees for Cake and Cupcakes – Amazon

Red Hurricane Lantern – Amazon

Small Pine Tree Decor – Amazon

Large Pine Tree Decor – Hobby Lobby

Cake, cupcakes, and smash cake – SuperTarget

Red Truck – Target

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