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Gather your little ghouls and goblins for a Kids’ Halloween Play Date with these fun and free printables!

Halloween play date table

Welcome to this spooktacular Halloween play date, where the little ghouls and goblins of the neighborhood come together for a day of thrilling fun and eerie excitement!

After some spirited play that’s sure to conjure smiles and giggles, we’ve set up a special kids’ table, filled with treats that will cast a spell on their taste buds. It’s the perfect pit stop to refuel after all their bewitching adventures.

Let the laughter and play commence because at our Halloween play date, there’s a seat at this party table with their names on it and a cauldron of delicious delights awaiting these hungry little monsters!

This Kids’ Halloween party is sure to make your little ghouls scream in delight.  

5 Tips to Host a Kids Halloween Party

Embark on a Halloween adventure filled with laughter, creativity, and spooky fun as we unveil five essential tips for hosting the perfect kids’ Halloween play date!

From setting a bewitching table with Halloween-themed decor to serving up a sweet surprise with a homemade Monster Halloween Bark recipe, we’ve got your Halloween play date covered.

Plus, with free printable drink wraps, personalized place cards, and a charming invite that’s sure to spark excitement, you’ll be well-prepared to enchant your young ghouls and set the stage for a spooktacular time. Let’s dive into these five tips and make your Halloween play date the highlight of the season!


Set a fun kids’ table with Halloween tabletop supplies to get everyone in a spooky mood.

Transforming our dining table into a Halloween wonderland is a delightful part of preparing for our spooktacular play date!

With festive party supplies in hand, we’re weaving a tapestry of enchantment right before our little guests’ eyes. From spooky tablecloths adorned with spiderwebs to geometric abstract plates with a pop of color, every detail is designed to whisk our young witches and wizards into a world of Halloween magic.

As they take their seats and behold the charmingly decorated table, their eyes will light up with wonder, and the anticipation of the treats ahead will reach a delightful crescendo. At our Halloween table, every plate and pumpkin is part of the enchanting adventure, making this play date an experience they’ll treasure forever!

Kids Halloween Party decorations

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Serve a festive sweet treat like this homemade Monster Halloween Bark.

At our Halloween play date, we’re conjuring up some frightfully delightful treats to make this gathering extra special. Serve some festive treats, like this Halloween Monster Bark, that dazzle taste buds and ignite the Halloween spirit. It’s so fun to make with the kiddos, and delicious too! 

As the kids gather around the table, they’ll discover that every bite is like a taste of magic, turning our play date into a sweet and memorable adventure they’ll cherish long after the costumes are put away. Serve up a cauldron of Halloween happiness, one treat at a time!

Halloween Monster Bark

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Dress up drinks with the free printable drink wraps.

No Halloween play date is complete without a bewitching beverage to quench the thirst of our little trick-or-treaters. Whether it’s a bubbling cauldron of punch, brimming with flavors that dance on the taste buds like friendly ghosts, or individually packaged drinks adorned with printable drink wraps. 

Kids Halloween Play Date Bottle Wraps


Personalized place cards will make your little guests feel right at home.

To add an extra touch of enchantment to our Halloween play date, we’re conjuring up some spooky-chic place cards for our little guests. Each card, editable in Adobe Reader, is adorned with the names of our honored young witches and wizards.

These place cards not only help everyone find their special spot at the table but also set the stage for a dining experience that’s as enchanting as it is memorable. As our little goblins take their seats and discover their personalized cards, it’s a reminder that they’re part of a magical gathering where every detail is designed to make them feel like the stars of the show.

These tent cards can also be used to label tasty treats.

Halloween play date table setting with party supplies from Sprinkles & Confetti. Grab the free printables at


A fun invite will get your little ghouls excited for a party with their friends.

But before the cauldron bubbles and the costumes are donned, we’re sending out a bewitching invitation to all our favorite little witches, wizards, and ghouls!

The invitation is a spell in itself, summoning friends and family to join us for a spooktacular Halloween play date filled with laughter and delight. With each envelope sealed and sent, we’re casting a spell of anticipation, creating a sense of excitement that will build until the big day arrives. We can’t wait to see their faces light up as they receive their own special invitation, and we know that the magic of our Halloween play date begins the moment the first envelope is opened. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure, because the spellbinding fun starts with an invite!

Kids Halloween Party Invitation

This editable Haloween playdate invite is not included in the printable set but is available for purchase in my shop.

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Download the Halloween Play Date Printables

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I hope you enjoy these printables to host a kids’ Halloween party of your own.

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I teamed up with two amazing Minnesota party lovers to put together these Halloween Play Date ideas.

Jackie from Sprinkles & Confetti has all the tabletop supplies you need in their Halloween collection.

Holly from Legally Crafty is the queen of ribbon banners and made this purple, orange, black, and white banner that complemented the party decor perfectly.

Together with my printables, the play date look came together seamlessly with Jackie putting her gorgeous party styling powers to good work.  

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Kids Halloween Play Date with free printables

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