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Rosé and IPA Before the Big Day Wedding Shower

It’s May, which means it’s the kickoff to wedding season! Yay! Last Summer I had the joy of throwing two couples wedding showers for my male cousins and their fiancées. I’m so excited to finally be sharing this Rosé and IPA Before the Big Day Couples Wedding Shower.

My Aunt, Janet, joined me in co-hosting and took charge of the food, while I planned out the decor, drinks, and desserts. Read on for all the details! 

Rosé and IPA Before the Big Day Couples Wedding Shower Theme

I’m posting these a little out of order as this wedding shower was actually the second one of the Summer. For the first shower, we threw a Bubbles and Brews Before the I Dos theme (coming soon!), and when we asked this bride and groom what they would like for a theme, they said “something similar.”

I started brainstorming some options. Who doesn’t love Rosé wine on a hot day? Or maybe you are more of a beer connoisseur? Why not combine both into something everyone will love.

We set our sights on a couples wedding shower that had plenty of feminine highlights with a few masculine touches so that we didn’t alienate all the guys. We invited over family for a backyard bash and said cheers to the future bride and groom. 

Tip: If you are looking for ideas to throw a Rosé bridal shower theme, you could easily remove the IPA/beer details and host a Rosé Before the Big Day bridal shower theme, which is very popular these days.

Highlights from this party: 

  • Custom sugar cookies from The Polka Dot Cookie
  • Rosé Wine Sangria recipe
  • Walking Taco Bar – a great crowd pleaser
  • Press for Rosé DIY doorbell decor
  • DIY wine and beer glasses for the bride and groom

Rosé Bridal Shower Dessert and Drinks Table

Rosé and IPA dessert and drinks table at a couples wedding shower

I always love to have one main table to decorate, especially when it’s for a real party! There is nothing more terrifying than scrambling to finish setting up a party (and grabbing photos) before guests arrive, and it always takes more time than you think it will.

My advice is to prep what you can early. I always have good intentions to get as much done the night before, but it doesn’t always work out. 

Keep it simple.

Rosé Table Decor Elements

This dessert and drinks table came together by using a pink plastic table cover and table skirt and then using a sparkly rose gold table runner.

While linens certainly look best, it’s ok to go the plastic route, but I do recommend adding some element on top to soften the look. 

Add in some flowers and greenery, along with printable signs. I love adding printable to parties because they are really easy ways to add in elements of the theme. However, for this party I included far less than I normally do. 

Rosé and IPA party sign along with flowers and greenery

Add a sign, greenery, and fresh flowers to the table

Bridal Shower Cake

I set up the cake on this rustic box that is so versatile. I have used it many, many, times before to set up a hot cocoa bar, display fun drink cups for St. Patrick’s Day, and give party decor some height. Having varying height helps the eye focus in on areas you want to highlight. Use boxes, crates, and cake stands to achieve this. 

And omg, that cake stand! It’s a beautiful rose gold Amalfi Decor cake stand, which proudly displays an ombré pink rosette cake from Target Bakery. 

Amalfi Decor Rose Gold Cake Stand with pink rosette cake

Pink rosette cake on Amalfi Decor cake stand and custom sugar cookies

Rosé Wine and Beer Custom Cookies

Once again I reached out to The Polka Dot Cookie for custom sugar cookies for this event. Kelly, the owner and baker, is amazing at taking design direction and running with it. She produced the most gorgeous sugar cookies for this theme, including rosé wine glasses, frothy beer glasses, rosette flowers, and a design that matched the invitation and other signage. I was thrilled when I saw them! Not only were they beautiful, they were delicious too. 

rosé wine custom bridal shower sugar cookies

Drinks: Serve Your Favorite (and Affordable) Rosé Wine and IPA Beer

On one end of the main party table I set up a bar, complete with a cute “Bar” sign. We served a selection of drinks which, of course, included Rosé wine and IPA beer, among other lighter beers.

We kept most of the beer in a cooler and all of the wine in this beverage tub that I pull out for almost every party. Don’t be afraid to ask guests to contribute a six pack or a bottle of wine. 

Rosé and IPA Wedding Shower Drinks Table

Rosé Wine Sangria Recipe

I also made Rosé wine sangria that I served in a large mason jar drink dispenser (similar).

  • Start with approximately 1 cup of vodka
  • Add a bottle of rosé wine (tip: use boxed wine to keep the price low)
  • You can sweeten it up with a little sugar or honey
  • Add in some frozen peaches, strawberries, or any fruit that you desire
  • Let this chill in the fridge for several hours before serving

Ta da. Easy peasy. Don’t overthink sangria, just about anything works.

If you are looking for more rosé wine recipes, you’ll want to check out these 14 Summer Sips with Rosé Wine.

Serve Rosé wine sangria in a large mason jar dispensera

Beverage tub filled with Rosé wine and beer

I loved these cute little beverage napkins. The beer and rose gold striped beverage napkins are from Sprinkles & Confetti, an online party supply shop. Jackie, the owner, will help you curate a selection of party supplies that are perfect for your theme and everything is shipped right to your door. Talk about easy! 

I picked up the Rosé All Day napkins from Total Wine. I’m always on the lookout for cute cocktail napkins. Home Goods is another good spot to find a fun selection. 

Finally, add some pretty rose gold cups and rose gold straws

Set up a cute bar for a rosé wine bridal shower with rose gold party supplies

rose gold party supplies

DIY Details: Press for Rosé Sign and Beverage Glasses for the Bride and Groom

Press for Rosé DIY Party Decor and Bride and Groom Beverage Glasses

Nothing can beat the original House of Golightly real ringing Press for Rosé doorbell, but this DIY one is great for an inexpensive version for the party.

Check out the Press for Rosé sign tutorial and grab the free printable here.

(Pssst… If you are ever looking for a gift for yours truly, I’d love the Press for Champagne version, since that’s my thing!)

The drink glasses were a cute little DIY gift to the bride and groom and gave them fun glasses to cheers with their wedding shower guests. I made them in minutes with a beer and wine glass from The DollarTree and black vinyl that I cut out with my Silhouette cutting machine

Custom glasses for the Bride and Groom

I love how the entire table came together. 

Rosé and IPA Wedding Shower Dessert and Drinks Table side view Rosé and IPA Wedding Shower Dessert and Drinks Table

Easy Couples Wedding Shower Food: Walking Taco Bar

walking taco bar

If you are serving alcohol it’s important to have some food on hand. That said, it doesn’t have to be overly difficult or expensive to put together a buffet. We opted for a walking taco bar! 

We picked up a big box of Doritos and hung them in a fun display by clipping them to twine with clothespins. You could pick up a selection of different chips – Fritos and Cool Ranch Doritos – for a variety of flavors.

Crockpots full of ground beef, chicken, and queso dip, along with bowls full of fun toppings (tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, jalapeños, salsa), and fruit and veggies, make this self-service buffet so easy for guests to create a unique and delicious walking taco. 

Doritos strung up with clothespins for a walking taco bar

Walking Taco Bar ingredients

Additional party supplies included some gorgeous striped rose gold dessert plates from Sprinkles & Confetti and these rose gold scalloped dinner plates from Oriental Trading. Add in some rose gold plastic cutlery. Everything is rose gold, of course!

I wish I would have gotten a picture of the place settings. Alas, I was scrambling to prepare everything before the party started! 

Once guests arrived, it was time to eat, drink, and say cheers to the future bride and groom!

Vendor Recap

Party Styling, Printables, Photography: Elva M Design Studio

Rose gold dessert plates, rose gold cups, striped rose gold napkins, beer napkins, rose gold cutlery, gold “BAR” sign: Sprinkles & Confetti

Table cloth, table skirt, rose gold scalloped dinner plates, rose gold foil straws, mason jar drink dispenser: Oriental Trading

Rose gold table runner: Amazon

Rose Gold Cake Stand: Amalfi Decor

Custom Sugar Cookies: The Polka Dot Cookie

I hope you enjoyed this Rosé and IPA Couples Wedding Shower.

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  1. Absolutely love the trend of including the guys for the wedding shower, and your ideas are so inspiring!! Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you! It was the perfect mix for a bride and groom! I love The Polka Dot Cookie! They are so cute and tasty too. We’ll have to get some made for our next styled party.

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